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Posted on December 14, 2016


Somebody put into the “idea” section of the Canvas Community that the “Submit Assignment” button should be changed to “Begin Assignment,” because students got confused — because they thought that “submit” meant you were going to turn it in.

The replies included lots of people saying “Amen!” and then somebody saying “well, my students weren’t confused.”

I replied that I was concerned with the ones who might be — who didn’t have a teacher to ‘chat with.’  Her reply was all the reasons, basically, that if anybody should be confused, her students should be, and they weren’t.   Then a “Canvas Coach” – whose posts are generally amazing and thorough and helpful and have cleared up lots of Canvas’ other little glitches that I’ve found– comments on the thread that he’s been doing this for 4+ years and as long as people get training, they’re not confused.

This triggered my Khan Academy irritation, and I have replied that … erm… the button says SUBMIT  and it doesn’t mean SUBMIT.   It.  Is.   The.   Wrong.   Word.   Mistakes should be fixed.

It’s like Khan Academy — “it’s free!  don’t worry about the details!”

I mean, I guess that’s how a trainer keeps a job — you make sure there are enough mistakes in the program so training is necessary for it to work?   The response smelled more than slightly of the “We Are Loyal To Khan” posts… How Dare You Criticize???
What’s with the personal offense at finding bugs?  They happen.   Erm.   There should be a way to fix them.   (He’s the coach who said my issues with Canvas were clearly an indicator that training should be mandatory …)

It doesn’t speak well at all for Canvas as a product if bugs and mistakes mean “get more trainers working!”  and gah, you have to “submit your idea” and have 100 people vote on it (though I read that no, that’s not the only way things happen).   It’s Dilbertian.

Okay, rant over…

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