Hmmm… timers…

Posted on December 12, 2016


I know that I can’t be “focus police” for folks in here, but I’m suspecting that some people could use it (as in, the ones who spontaneously used the Time Timer).   Hmmm.   Maybe I’ll grab a couple of cooking timers (thanks, Howard !  The Time Timer is designed for people who don’t necessarily understand numbers yet ) and set up stations.  Yea, I’ll find a way to tape the things down so they don’t walk (though they probably wouldn’t).

My ‘ranking’ in the Canvas Community is now in the top 1800.   I like to click on people near me just to see who’s who, doing what.   At my current score (561) I’m finding lots of people who haven’t done anything since 2015… and a fair number of Instructure employees who’ve done almost nothing at all.   Curious!

Now, back to designing… I made a new video last night and maybe two (can’t remember if I succeeded or if I just attempted on the “second chunk” of “counting up.”)   Yes, they’re lessons in how to count up, since every semester I get at least one person who’s placed into pre-Algebra who uses their fingers… improperly.

Hmmm.   I think I’ll put in the subtraction after that to get to the “parts and wholes” idea (so students don’t see “total” and add).

Then “the facts.”   And… I am thinking to learn from ALEKS and let students have choices (in ALEKS, you can go to the top of the page — though it’s not obvious, so not all students know this — and all your practice skills for the week are there, and while some are “locked” and have prerequisites, you can actually pick what you practice).   TOmorrow there will be a Canvas Live session about the new Mastery Paths… so I’ll be checking that out.

There might be an OER out there for the mechanics of multidigit adding that would work.   No, I’m not even going to check Khan Academy — comment trolls make that decision easy.   I should probably make my movies immune, too…

Next will be adding tens and hundreds mentally…

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