Calm in the face of

Posted on December 10, 2016


So at like 4:… oh, dangerously close to closin’ time at 5:00… the young man who’d been working on his business project for several hours says, “I need help.”

You see, he’d saved his file, but he could not find it.

We could not find it.

It was not … in any of the places it should ahve been.

THis guy was just about trying to find it. You’d have thought he was trying to find a certain shirt when well, there were lots of shirts in the closet.

Well, my stomach is doing like major flip flops because, after all, today is the LAST DAY OF CLASSES this thing is prbly DUE AT FIVE but … he’s calm.

Well, yes, it was in the weird temp file that things get dumped in when you open them in email… the place that when this happened before it took admin login to find…  and yes, *then* he expressed a bit of relief.   He submitted the *seven pages.*

He gets to be on my starship.

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