Wow, Camtasia…

Posted on December 4, 2016


Okay, mucking about with Canvas has me accustomed to things at the beta stage, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised but this is nice.

So I made a little video (2:13… a little long for my liking…)   and then … arghabilly, no, it can’t do anything because it’s missing a certain *.dll file and I need to reinstall the program.

Oh, boy.   And it’s not as if I feel like I can use Parkland’s Camtasia because it’s not as if I feel like I”m doing this as part of Parkland. Oh, boy.

DOwnloads:   there it is, Camtasia upgrade.   Click.   I get radio buttons and a choice is “repair” — put in missing files.

I do that.

In less than 10 minutes, I’ve gone from “full stop roadblock” to a video *done.*   (Well, that first roll.   Need that shirt wrapped around the clicker because no, I don’t have a headset that doesn’t throw in sibilance… and I think the background music’s too loud. )

SO yes, the goal of “get where you can make a video in a a few hours, not a week” is coming to fruition.  Yes, they are simple amateur unedited things.


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