Deliverables due Sunday :)

Posted on December 2, 2016


I will have the weekend to refine my initial “deliverable,” which means I should be able to earn the “badge” for creating content in Canvas.
(LOL, I don’t think it will get me reputation points, though.   With my 5 points with each check in I should get to “Level 3” next week, whoopee!!  I confess the “Friday quiz” on updates, etc. actually has me reading the “beta release” notes, etc.  There is lively discussion about whether a new font is better, and valid griping that it mucks up things already created in the older format.)

Canvas still can’t count.


It’s dead quiet in here, giving me time to imagine falling axes — plural of ax, not axis — on my job.   Okay, Canvas… Camtasia… let’s rock!   (Oh, and looks like Modumath is about to happen, especially since it’s web based so we don’t need to go through campus tech).  It will get students using it a month earlier.   We can ask for a shortcut on the desktop later.

(Okay, 9:00 and we’ve got students in here…)

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