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Surge in stats!

December 30, 2016


Hey, David Wees gave me a shout-out ūüôā ¬† I’m afraid most of my posts are of the ‘daily blather’… and I’d hoped to get some pithy traction on Canvas over these days but the sudden death of my friend precludes. Still, I’ll be flying tomorrow and will have computer along and with any luck […]

Canvas and blog sites

December 27, 2016


Here’s what I just posted to the WordPress blog that it seems InMOtion Hosting lets me put on there really easily (Softalicious — install!)… ¬† Hmmm…. I know when I moved to WordPress, it let me import my Google blog (which I left because somehow Google decided I was a spammer, even though I didn’t […]


December 26, 2016


LIstening to ¬†… time to close off all the other windows including this one … and Just Do It. ¬† And some things got done. Also booked flight to Baltimore, waiting to get¬†title to that car¬†that I need to get in others’ names, while title to car I will be getting for me is […]

Canvas and Open and GitHub Oh My

December 22, 2016


I’m now following & being followed by a person who’s got a GitHub repository for educational standards. (Connected thru D2L on Twitter. ¬†Also read their gamification PDF and it looks so awesome — oops, that’s an expensive add-in. ¬†Dudes!) ¬† ¬†So… I logged into GitHub (having told Chrome to remember that password), ¬†and no, I […]

Reading on the bus

December 21, 2016


Between reading the UDL book I downloaded a 200+ page tome about open education. ¬† It’s refreshingly old-school with all kinds of facts and references and statistics as opposed to “MOOCS are dead.” ¬† Lots of David Wiley but also lots of other stuff. Chapter 2 piqued my interest because it’s about open education as […]

Islands in the stream

December 20, 2016


Lousy day to be an island. ¬† I can make a “quiz” that’s an interactive label… or, I can make a page where you watch a movie and then take a quiz. I get that hey, if I want ‘little of this, answer one question’ many times, that lends itself to a quiz format. ¬† […]


December 19, 2016


So now I’m being followed by one of the “level 6” leaders in Instructure. ¬† Need to not waste anybody’s time, I reckon, and get to it. ¬†Except today was spent on financial… well, disasters, though disasters that hopefully I can clean up afterward. ¬† Geez, I thought the financial risk would be the¬†… risky […]

LOL Canvas

December 16, 2016


The whole “change submit button” topic speaks volumes at several levels about reading and critical thinking. ¬† First, the idea phrased by some that students just need to click around or wait to be told what to do is actively discouraging independent critical thinking. ¬†Second, many of the repliers haven’t read critically — they see […]


December 15, 2016


Sigh, looks like I’ve botched that poor guy’s attempt at getting the Submit button thign fixed. ¬† It’s got almost as many down votes as up, from people posting things like “my students know it’s a button to turn things in. ¬† Why change it to begin?” Well, nobody wants to change the button that […]

… another picky thing

December 14, 2016


So “Time to know” has a new thing out — but hey, I get to leave in a hurry. ¬† The ratio lesson says that 5 people will collect bottles in the city for every 3 people collecting bottles on the beach. So, 700 bottles were collected in the city…we need to figure out the […]