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Canvas Learning Paths

November 14, 2016

0, am I crazy?  (yes) …  That’s the link to the “learning paths” that’s “in beta” in Canvas, where I can set conditions for people to be allowed to go to the next thing. It should be a way to have people “level up” and … get motivated and all that good stuff. Probably fortunately […]


November 12, 2016


… Listening to the Designers for LEarning “impact” show online.   It is a nice relief from … the news… which is sinking in as I ponder the upcoming costs as the 99% get skewered … Today’s find..  

Cognitive accessibility

November 8, 2016

0   — about finding diverse ways (“universal design for learning”) to foster and assess comprehension… but … it’s hard to translate this into real things.   Things like suggesting that we remind students of background knowledge, and if they don’t have it, teach it to them — that’s peachy!   But … That is so […]

Grant thoughts

November 8, 2016


Adult Ed and Open Educational Resources are having a bit of a challenge getting in the door.  We need good adult ed resources at all levels — texts, activities, software, etc — but how to get them made? Adult ed is the poor stepchild of higher ed.   Many adult ed “instructors” are volunteers or […]

Back with students :)

November 7, 2016


The nice thing about my kind of attention is that if I’m working with a student, that’s my world.   THe fact that jobs are being cut left right and sideways (because since the state is not making budgets, we will just get along without their money —  accepting that as a way to run […]

Things of the past:

November 4, 2016


…. Remember, Parkland people, when we’d go to conferences and really appreciate how forward-thinking our college was compared to others?  How jealous other people would be about assorted  conditions? OF course, we can’t be ahead of the game in every category… at this conference, it’s my turn to be in the “oh, I’m so jealous […]

Friday at OpenEd2016

November 4, 2016


So I forgot that today’s opening session was not 9:00 like yesterday but 8:00… but it’s all about the travails of college for the disenfranchised masses.  Yes, that thing my students go through every day.   Yes, Parkland College has a lot of advantages over the colleges she describes in some practical ways — big […]


November 3, 2016


Lots to think about of course 🙂   It’s a conference! I’m in session on’we’re not critical enough and among lots of other things she’s duly noting that from 1970-74 there was a big movement towards “open ”   (big spike in the bar graph about ‘open’ research). resnick 1972 quote: ” open education movements […]