Making Quizzes

Posted on November 30, 2016


… and reading my Twitter feed. From Andrew Gael:  

“Students with disabilities can do math.”

Amen !  HOwever,   we also know that they don’t do so well in a lot of real classroom & life situations, where teachers don’t have the resources and/or training (and/or expectations)  to facilitate developing those concepts — and to grow students’ metacognitive and emotional infrastructure so that it happens in imperfect situations.

Yes, I’m thinking the current soggy implosion at the work setting is a not-so-gentle boot to the backside to balance working with students here — putting single starfishies back in the water (“it makes a difference to that one!”)  — with finding a way to fix whatever is stranding the starfishies (Seems Loren Eisely started that little story — at least this version  has other people joining in so that “all the starfishes were saved”  but nobody’s asking why they were stranded…)   and getting better math resources out there.

Okay, 9:00.  Back to making a Canvas quiz.   That’s another story…


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