BOring ramble about learnign Canvas

Posted on November 29, 2016


Going to try to get a bunch of quizzes done to make a “mastery path.”   Since I’m learning both things, I’m confident I’ll need a total do-over anyway…

… oh, REMEMBER:   Make quizzes *in a bank* not a quiz if you want to re-use them!   Otherwise you have to export the whole quiz (finding the direcitons for that), import it again, and then try to remember which quiz was which.   Oh, by the way?
Canvas can’t count. canvas-screenshots

… and there’s a D2L “Innovation award” in February.   Yes, Canvas is confounding enough so that I’m going to spend some holiday break time checking out just what I could do with D2L with the same goals in mind.  Right now the huge advantage for Canvas is that I have a “Free for Teachers” account so I don’t have to go through my school.

LOL duly noting that actually, guys, D2L is prevailing over the cute “BrightSpace.”

Okay, 10:45… I got a quiz question done!

But it’s not in a bank.   By 11:15 — should have question re-done in bank.

Next thing:   see what “multiple dropdown” is.   Except I want pictures.

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