Posted on November 22, 2016


Yes, distracted by the twittersphere again… a new person I’m following posted a neat little poster listing six strategies for tutoring / studying.   What?  The secrets, revealed???  With videos at http://www.learningscientists.org/videos ??

!.   Use concrete examples to understand abstract ideas (“concrete examples”)

2.   Combine words & visuals (“dual coding”)

3.  Explain & describe ideas with details (“elaboration”)

4.  Switch between ideas while you study (“interleaving”)

5.  Practice Bringing Information to Mind (“Retrieval Practice”)

6.   Space out your studing over time (“Spaced Practice”)

I notice that the videos put Spaced Practice front and foremost (as in, if you don’t do this, the rest of the strategies won’t work so well).

I also notice that math is included, once,  as background in the “switch ideas’ video.    I rather strongly suspect that many students who’d readily apply these strategies to the kinds of content featured in the videos (history, psychology, science) would not entertain most of the strategies for math.   I wonder about tutors, too…

Hmmm… I think I want to make a new version with a little bit more diversity at several levels — the speakers & the content… naw, less diversity — make it math 🙂


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