Math on the edge

Posted on November 18, 2016


Sigh, I *need* to be working on the Canvas project.  (I need to find my *&* wallet.)

Still, watching these videos of students thinking and processing is so affirming.   HEre’s you’re PhD project, people:   interview (or hypnotize) students who score poorly on these college math assessment tests.

Find out just how many of them didn’t have anything like this in their educational background; discern how many of them did a million worksheets, thank you, and were propelled right into “kindly manipulate the symbols!”   “Don’t you know your tables yet?”

Devil’s advocate:  would I have been driven nuts by having to do things like that more than I needed to?   Which would have been not much?

The next Thing to Get Grant FUnded, puh-leeze… would doing that kind of instruction with adults open the doors to the concepts and calculations, especially if we *also* included … you know… learning your tables… ???   And could we do that kind of instruction in a hybrid setting because nobody’s going to pay for somebody like Sarah C. for more than oh, the life of a grant?

Okay, really, really, back to Canvas.   OER OER OER 🙂   (… well… between students… who are focused and working and asking good questions — by this time of year most have learned a thing or two!  And Kurzweil, yes!)

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