It’s not just the jobs…

Posted on November 17, 2016


So our board of trustees voted overwhelmingly to cut a bunch of full time faculty from Parkland.  It’s the only time that’s happened in the college’s 50 years of existence.

The state has done its nastiness with not having a budget so tough calls have to be made but… I find no evidence of attempts to want to work together to find a solution that would have the least negative impact on students, employees and community.   They just decided and their responses to other input was consistently dismissive ( and absolutely, definitely not  ‘least impact’).  They own this decision.  They own.  They won.  Anybody have any different evidence?  (I didn’t think so.)  Seems the budget impasse is simply, for them, a golden opportunity.

They’ll prune things down.   How can we be like one of those plant types which, when you think you’re cutting it down, end up taking root from the cuttings and being *everywhere*?

How can we provide more educational opportunities than corporate-funded internships?

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