Scrabbling up the learning curve

Posted on November 16, 2016


… so when you’re in the early, early stages and nothing’s automatic… you go back to something you started — not realizing that when you started, you didn’t know better than to call a quiz a “survey” because that means none of the questions have “right” or “wrong” answers.

I figured I should just start the quiz over, and that worked — and within 10 minutes of that, had an answer over in “the community.”   So, I just might have gotten to a place on the curve where I at least know enough to have answerable issues!

Today’s goal:   have the 10 questions for quiz one DONE.

TOday’s mad fantasy:   have the next three quizzes at least envisioned.

MasteryPath is what I’m trying to use… a ‘beta’ thing on Canvas where success in one thing “opens up” the next place on the path.   I’m hoping that it doesn’t have to be “success” — that I can start somebody with a puzzle and… if they can do it, forward! and if they can’t, a different version.  So, if number bars don’t have you grasping the “stuff that adds to ten,” maybe the domino icons will (and maybe the different representations will be good practice).

Sigh.   I was *so proud* of my nifty beveled images but I need to change colors and don’t have the skills to do that nicely, so really I need to make ’em again, except I don’t remember how.  GIMP, I hope?   Let’s find a tutorial?

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