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Posted on November 8, 2016


Adult Ed and Open Educational Resources are having a bit of a challenge getting in the door.  We need good adult ed resources at all levels — texts, activities, software, etc — but how to get them made?

Adult ed is the poor stepchild of higher ed.   Many adult ed “instructors” are volunteers or part-time.   Many resources for adults are in places like libraries and church basements. Many of these adults have learning disabilities and the standard issue generic text-based curricula don’t work.

The fokls in Sara Goldrick-Rab’s book were people trying to change their lives w/ college, and how many of them didn’t make it. ( )

What if there were OER so that anybody could access it and learn different ways to learn and teach?

Oh, and what would it take to start up a nice little tech college / community learning center designed from the ground up with UDL?   The potential is out here.

I mean, if you’re going to stand up and cheer for what she’s saying… how about putting funding where your hands are?



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