Back with students :)

Posted on November 7, 2016


The nice thing about my kind of attention is that if I’m working with a student, that’s my world.   THe fact that jobs are being cut left right and sideways (because since the state is not making budgets, we will just get along without their money —  accepting that as a way to run the state) just isn’t there… I can smile and be happy… tho’ we’re not hiding issues from students.

That said, yes,the need to do some major work on getting at least some of my half-worked on-my-own-time projects in ‘deliverable’ form just got turned up to full volume.

So the assorted “new with great potential” things from the OER conference? Those cool things for making learning interactive?  Back burner.  I need a portfolio of Things I Know and Do.   Discouraging was the lack of interest in “basic math” from the OpenStax people — they’ve got a ‘remix’ of NROC lessons.   They’re nice and neat but … welp, time to make Canvas happen.

At any rate… it’s a relief  to be car-free again.   I declined the scratch and dent waiver because the credit card says it will cover it, tho’ the person was all over “they always decline because your other insurance comes first” — but since I don’t own a car that wouldn’t happen.   Happily, I don’t have to find out because nothing happened 🙂   I got bugs on it.  I got crumbs on the seat.  I spilled coffee in the cup holder (but I got most of that out).  No smoke, no pets, not even chain grease on the seat (I know how to stick it in chain side up).   The Chevy Trax also has back bumper that’s rubberized — but the trunk was too small for the bicycle even w/o front wheel anyway so there was no risk of dinging there.   (I could have thrown the seats down, though)  Hey, it’s a small car when I could easily reach over to the passenger door and grab pretzels while driving.

Time for … singing!  Then doing…


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