Friday at OpenEd2016

Posted on November 4, 2016


So I forgot that today’s opening session was not 9:00 like yesterday but 8:00… but it’s all about the travails of college for the disenfranchised masses.  Yes, that thing my students go through every day.   Yes, Parkland College has a lot of advantages over the colleges she describes in some practical ways — big one being our $84/year bus pass.

Her solution is to make aid more available to a much wider swath of people so that it’s politically more palatable, since more people will be helped.   SHe wants “First degree for free” (and the associate’s on the way to the bachelor’s).   OH, that stickler:   we need to know the ingredients of a quality degree.

LOL she totally gets “avoiding the administration.”   So the emergency fund gets administered to faculty 😛 😛 😛   THey can just … give the money out so people can eat.   (That got a round of applause.)

@saragoldrickrab  Paying the Price is her book.

… standing ovation.   ERm… okay, if all these People in the INstitutions feel so strongly about Helping People…

Next guy is from Hewlett Foundation (who just said people don’t pay attention to how much the stuff they’re looking for costs, tho’ some are trying to — my, he lives in a different world). He’s quite interested in *supporting institutions.*   INteresting contrast to the applause-generating “get money right to the faculty.”

Ahhh… his point is that things have to “look like a duck” especially for K-12.   So if you want institutions to adopt things, they have to fit in the current structures and look like stuff they’re familiar with.   … and he says the most important is “individualized.”  SIgh, but the word “practice” is in the next sentence. Welp, let’s think about that.   LOL.   Let’s make an institution!

Oh, and the cool thing now is to end a name with z or zero — for zero cost. (Not to be confused with the zero as in “zero traffic deaths.”)

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