Posted on November 3, 2016


Lots to think about of course 🙂   It’s a conference!

I’m in session on’we’re not critical enough

and among lots of other things she’s duly noting that from 1970-74 there was a big movement towards “open ”   (big spike in the bar graph about ‘open’ research).

resnick 1972 quote: ” open education movements and ed tech are often seen as mutually hostile, challenge in ed is” change in slide ’cause these are 25 minute sessions… but oh, the truth was known then!

So bottom line:   our research and articles are nice for us but aren’t as good for convincing others.   (She thinks the 1970’s were more into theory 🙂   )

… and yes, this is a group that has their own little insulated universe, and most of what they’re doing is inaccessible to people out of that universe

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