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Reasonable day…

October 20, 2016


…. okay, I didn’t check Outlook ’til after noon and … I missed a division council meeting.  Since the atmosphere at the college has changed so that those meetings are more to inform us of what’s been decided than to involve us, I’m a *little* less bummed (I do like to know what’s happening). *And* […]

Another soft Sunday

October 16, 2016


… seeing if I can dive in and get into that zone when time slows down, but grazing first.    is such a good reminder of just how much students have to build to understand numbers and how nifty it is that some teachers can and do take that “extra time” to make it *Happen.* […]

R.O.N.G. ! but how to do right’?

October 15, 2016

0 “Why Math Education in the U.S. DOesn’t Add Up.”   It describes three approaches to doing math that researchers categorize people by — memorizers who’d do things over and over until the could do that, connectors who would try to relate problems to other ones, and “self monitoring” people who figured out what concepts […]

What ?!?

October 14, 2016


Words I never thought I’d hear:   “I think I’m just so excited that I can do long division that I think I should do it all the time.” Welp, the 060 actually has a lot of lessons that involve fairly simple “long division” such as 162 / 0.9 … so lots of folks (at […]


October 13, 2016

1   \ Gotta love Google Drive.    Landmark School can just get good resources out here…  

Are stackable credentials the new “ability grouping” to keep people in their places?

October 12, 2016

0  — “On the positive side, researchers found that many of the students who completed a short-term program went on to earn more involved credentials or were still enrolled. And even students who earned minimalist certificates — 12 credits or fewer — were more likely to get a job. However, certificates of 12 credits or […]

The positives…

October 11, 2016


Had a group down working on Math Literacy project and it’s really nice to see it work the way it’s spozed to.   They were talking through and figuring out and asking questions of the “are we going the right direction?”  which is totally different from the ones who come in looking shell-shocked.   THey […]

Graphs are fun :)

October 11, 2016


Yup! That’s today’s comment from a student who’s starting to get into the Excel parts of Math Literacy.  Not satisfied with “figure out the next cell from the one before it,” and wanting to figure out getting the answer in terms of X, and then letting Excel make a purty graph of it.   Nice […]

Commit :)

October 8, 2016


I’m at the part where it’s time to shift from “oh! the potential!” to “LEt’s start making the deliverable.” I’m in Canvas building a quiz question.   ACCESSIBILITY.    Cognitive accessibility:   need that “onboarding” thing per Nir Eyal’s book so the intro is short and … I think optional.   Nobody reads the first […]

Another modumath success :)

October 7, 2016


So the person in question did *almost* as well on whatever other qualifying test there is out there… and they gave her the option of taking our placement test (’cause it’s our program)… and she dove in and spent some hours for a week or so in Modumath… and nailed it 🙂   Full college […]