Looong Monday…

Posted on October 31, 2016


Yes, had full-blown anxiety dream of Not Being Able To Get Where I Was Supposed To Be, because I couldn’t remember the million things I wasn’t going to have time to do after I’d packed my clothing.  (Remembered 1 today, and might get it done … but copied stuff so I can get it done on the road. )

I did successfully find Kim & Reggie Harris’ _Guide My Feet_ CD which is great road music – and I’m going to practice videos in my best “Camtasia voice” to see if I can replicate teh beginner’s luck video that had viewers asking, “is that **you???!!””  at the soft, mellifluous voice that I’d managed because I was trying to speak clearly but there was a class in the room next door and the door was open a little.   (In between, I’ll belt out Steve Goodman songs in honor of a certain baseball team… glad this conference isn’t in Chicago!)

Now to figure out how to get where I’m going…


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