Rachel, think about it

Posted on October 30, 2016


Another Sunday morning listening to Rachel Martin on NPR and another time she plays the role of the “oh, that’s too hard for me!” female.   I’m asking myself if a male would have said, “oh, you’re blowing my mind!” and “It’s so complicated!”  and/or if I’d find it so annoying.

Okay, I just did a google search and “Rachel Martin” NPR math doesn’t yield a menu of offenses, so it’s not all that pervasive.   Still, today she interviewed the developer of a virtual reality game and when he described changing the “personal space bubble” to extend it all over the body she made the above comments.   (A person using the game had been groped; the designer was making changes for that space bubble so that it would also make the gropee disappear from the groper’s vision, too.)    Isn’t there a better response than comments that imply “I don’t want to think about that! it’s too hard!”

I searched my blog and …  https://resourceroomblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/17/is-there-an-echo-in-here/   it was Linda Wertheimer who basically said that if a puzzle had math, she already found it impossible, thank you.  Okay, Rachel, you’re not so bad… but let’s try encouraging thinking about complicated things, eh?



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