Posted on October 29, 2016


Getting ready to go to Richmond for the OPen Educational REsources conference… but time to spend crunch time making the actual “lesson plan” with all the ‘this is the standard that goes with’ and ‘this is what the teacher needs to do.’

I found through the Canvas Community some Javascript/HTML5 arithmetic quizzes but no, I don’t know enough to  figure out how to dive in and adapt it.  Still, once I get the “Lesson” part written up, we’ll see.

Also read a little of the “Rhythm of Math” book (that I’ve borrowed from a doctor friend) …  and wonder whether it’s one of those things that works to a point but then might even block getting to the abstract.    I don’t know whether my kiddos who do touchmath or count on fingers could switch to quick recall or not.   How ingrained is it?   I do know it really slows down their processing and yes, it does seem to inhibit noticing other patterns.   Each little fact is its own motor activity for these students.   Having only peeked at the first pages of the Rhythm book, I don’t know if it builds in any transfer to abstract understanding. I also imagine soembody who wouldn’t be caught dead doing body rhythms just hamboning to beat the band ( per John McCutcheon — ) along with a youtube math video…

However, it’s time to get out of the brainstorm stage and into “deliverable,please.”

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