So, ALEKS, how about it?

Posted on October 26, 2016


Thinking yesterday of the way students are actually mastering simple long division because they’re getting lots of practice, but… ugh and a half…

This far into the semester they’re still counting for subtracting and looking up almost every. single. multiplication fact.  Yes, even those. (Still, not going for the calculator!  Except that might be because the number sense is so limited that ‘saving time’ doesn’t enter into the decision making…)

Still, couldn’t we build into ALEKS 3 minutes of times tables practice the way they do it on  ?

… I am given to understand that that is *exactly* what is, in fact, an option 🙂   In the meantime, my latest graphical Thing for turning improper fractions to mixed numbers into a motor memory (with gobs and gobs of making sure you know why and can use language to express it, too):  divisiontofraction

The nifty yellow outlining is what happens when you start with yellow background, ‘select by color’ and the dump white onto the selection.   (I didn’t want to use a ton of yellow ink for the printout.)

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