Brain breakin’ day

Posted on October 26, 2016


Whew…. really really busy.   As in, students just turning around and walking out because… no place to land!

Still had time to notice anotehr Connect “so x is less than greater than ____.”   Erm, yea.   Sloppy stuff but didn’t have time to screenshot … and I shouldn’t have to.   I will do it when i can for the sake of the student victims of this slop, but I won’t stress over it (and this is just sloppy, not the stuff of “well, make means revenue in problem 2 and profit in problem 3 and you just have to figure that out when you get it wrong” which I guided many through today.

Loved the student who insisted on figuring out why we were taking square roots to solve Pythagorean THeorem… and wrestled with the “opposite of squaring” and … oh, my, the big fat posters of numbers squared on the wall really helped.

Just might submit at FSI for ‘using big fat visual stuff to make math more cognitively accessible’   (maybe in addition to ‘accessible online math’).

But now it’s out to the rain, and home to the Cubs…

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