Depends on what the word make makes…

Posted on October 25, 2016


Another typical inconsistency with my “friend” Connect.

Costs for making CDs are 4.60x + 50.00 or something like that.

CDs sell for ten bucks.

A:   make an equation for the cost.   (They obviously didn’t give an equation but described it in words.)  No problem for student.

B:   Make an equation to describe how much they made for each CD.

Correct answer y = 10x

C.  How much would they make if they sold 10,000 CDs?

I’m sorry, guys, the answer should have been 100,000.   Fortunately we’re allowed to make guesses … so when that was wrong, we figured out what the profit would be.   Yes, that’s right, there’s a word for it and you should use it.


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