Another soft Saturday

Posted on October 22, 2016


… trying to figure out how to get traction on this lesson.  Lost in the almost infinite possibilities.   Remembering things like needing built in practice and review.

Time to set the timer and see what can be cranked out in 15 minutes….

… I am deciding that the COmmon Core STandards are such an incredible slap in the face.   I want to start at the beginning for my peeps and all the stuff out there screams that adding is a KINDERGARTEN skill.   Gee.   Thanks.   I can’t help but think that if I didn’t know from that Orton-Gillingham immersion that no, really, honestly — building from the ground up no matter where you are (“as fast as you can, as slow as you must”) actually works, I’d be skipping that stuff.  (No problem with defining standards — problem with slapping labels on them like that.)

Wild goal for the weekend:   get the ‘make ten’ exercise on Canvas.   I got it on D2L after all.

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