Another soft Sunday

Posted on October 16, 2016


… seeing if I can dive in and get into that zone when time slows down, but grazing first.    is such a good reminder of just how much students have to build to understand numbers and how nifty it is that some teachers can and do take that “extra time” to make it *Happen.*  After last week’s distractions it’s time to move on… my vacation (the conference) is in a couple of weeks.

But oh, my!!! There’s a baseball game tonight.  If I can get the radio working … Baseball is a great time-chunker (‘will try to get 6 pages from the word list edited before this half inning is over…’  )

(so I distracted myself and found this nifty metaphor for teaching “like a master chef”  As in, packaged curricula are like packaged foods…the interesting stuff is pretty far down the transcript…    but/and I *did* get into my website to be able to upload files…)

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