What ?!?

Posted on October 14, 2016


Words I never thought I’d hear:   “I think I’m just so excited that I can do long division that I think I should do it all the time.”

Welp, the 060 actually has a lot of lessons that involve fairly simple “long division” such as 162 / 0.9 … so lots of folks (at least the ones in here) aren’t even sneaking that calculator out… including the people who don’t know their tables.   (Well, also, thank you teachers who look to see whether you’ve *done* the long division.)   They’re starting to intuit things like — oh, these fractions to decimals often end in 5!   I wonder:   if we’d frontloaded some old-fashioned times tables learning, would they be doing even better?  I suspect so.   … Oh, my… mathisfun.com has http://www.mathsisfun.com/numbers/fix-equation.html     where it says ___ x 2 = 12.   That’s *almost* 12/2 = …..

Not gonna get outta here in time for moolight ride.  Snork… that *is* what we should call it…

Some happily erroneous conclusions were reached

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