Are stackable credentials the new “ability grouping” to keep people in their places?

Posted on October 12, 2016

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“On the positive side, researchers found that many of the students who completed a short-term program went on to earn more involved credentials or were still enrolled. And even students who earned minimalist certificates — 12 credits or fewer — were more likely to get a job.

However, certificates of 12 credits or fewer did not lead to a raise, the study found. In some cases, such as short-term certificates for certified nursing assistants or community health workers, certificate holders earned less than their peers without a credential.”   The stark reality:   you’ve paid for school, so you’re broker than you were before,  and it isn’t getting you anything.   Ouch.

… on the third hand, it seems students actually finish the little certificates more often, as in:   an attainable goal gets reached.

However, yea, let’s not tell people to aim low.   Let’s include in our 12-credit certificates a path to bigger things.


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