The positives…

Posted on October 11, 2016


Had a group down working on Math Literacy project and it’s really nice to see it work the way it’s spozed to.   They were talking through and figuring out and asking questions of the “are we going the right direction?”  which is totally different from the ones who come in looking shell-shocked.   THey had the formula for figuring out car payments in Excel, so … they could use it for the assorted situations w/ payments.   I helped them with getting things to ‘fill down’ (if you double-click on the ‘fill down’ mark, it will fill down ’til it runs out of numbers, which is handy when you’re doing a 60 month loan :))

Then couple of Pre-Algebra folks who were just working hard — and learning the stuff, not just ‘getting it done.’   Yes, that’s possible because there’s somebody here (me!) to coach, help navigate, and show some of the “let’s break this down a little further than the explanation does” things.

Now for home and playing with the MOOC 🙂

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