Oh, lots of hits…

Posted on October 5, 2016


and seems somebody might be reading my assorted rants about frustrations with tech programs used for math ed, since the posts hit were only the ones with negative wrods in the title.   Ouch.   When I went through them… through that filter… ouch.   Heading to revise because the world needs peace, not agitation.

Glitch of the day which I wish could be edited (honestly, the programming’s not that hard ;))

Just yesterday, a question   had the phrase:

“will have to be at least than _____   [units]”

That’s not how the mathematical language should used.   When students are struggling with the mathematical language, this adds to the frustration. This looks a lot like “less than.”   How is the student expected to know whether they are to change “least” to “less” so that it makes sense, or to ignore the “than” so that it makes sense?   We who are comfortable with math don’t even notice these things but they really confuse the students.  Yes, if the students read carefully, they can figure out what the thing should mean, but if the student used that language we would make ’em fix it.


I understand how much work it is to put a course together and to make working technology!

However,  our students deserve better.




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