Progress on MOOC

Posted on October 2, 2016


… on the organizing part 🙂

Yes, I’ve figured out that on Canvas, you don’t try to make the actual “lessons” interactive.   THat requires things to be quizzes.   Yes, I think this is old school thinking, and I’m surprised somebody hasn’t just taken “quizzes” and renamed them “formative assessment modules” and charged $5,000 in consulting fees with a few paragraphs about doing that.

SIgh, and I actually have a teeny bit of stress in life, gazing at these loan papers that want me to sign something back dated over a month.   Welp, I already put ink on ’em crossing it out and changing it… will make a call tomorrow.   Oh, I’m also not inclined to sign this second version of the loan until there’s *some* evidence that the old one is null and void. This one is much better because the dealer simply chopped the price of the vehicle down. Yea… ???

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