Willin’ …

Posted on September 30, 2016


Recognizing that no, really, I do have 10 hours a week that I should be able to devote to The Stuff.   Trying today to get back to the JavaScript for Web on lynda.com — and ewww, that also is full of “well, I’m on a Mac.  This will [SHOULD] happen in Windows. ”

That inspired me to retweet @lynda.com about how they asked me to DM them (direct message) … but that since they don’t follow me I can’t.   So they apologized and said it should work now except it doesn’t.

Yes, when LInkedIn bought Lynda.com and Microsoft bought LinkedIn, I  remembered all the small companies that did tech stuff like websites that would go straight into the toilet when they got bought up by the profiteers.   Seems their people who respond to tweets don’t actually know the rules for Twitter ?

But time to call upon strength and spirit and focus for at least a few minutes 🙂

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