Can’t run from Chicago and be safe…

Posted on September 25, 2016


… so we have a significant number of students who come here because “too many young men die in Chicago.”   One student wrote in an essay last week about leaving because “you can’t sit on your porch any more.”

Last night a fight broke out in an apartment in Campustown in Champaign.   They went out into the streets and started shooting. A completely innocent bystander was killed and four people injured.

SO many tangential thoughts — hey, I might as well ride a bike.   I could get shot wherever I am…  but more recurring:   how long before we are like Chicago and … people just “settle” things with bullets day in, day out?   and… I’m afraid “thoughts and prayers” is an insufficient response but yes, how can we surround and support the victims of this horrible act?

AND MY KEYS ARE BACK.   Dug a little deeper in the drawer I went through at least three times a day last week (having calculated that since this was The Room I Went RIght INto when I came home, it was the most logical place to start unpacking).   LOL it does mean I probably *did* use them to get into the door.


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