Atom Fail.

Posted on September 25, 2016


So I’m having the usual complete frustration with things computer.   I thought I’d installed Atom successfully but I have no idea where it actually *is* on the computer.   The setup ?  Oh, that landed in ONE DRIVE.   Yea, that makes sense, NOT.

Oops, you can’t undo your accidental click so … it’s “installing” again.   Does it ask where?  No.   The setup doesn’t include letting me know where it’s going.   (Perhaps Windows is set up to override that so that Things Don’t Work?)

So it opened up in the file I was already working on, so who knows whether I have two copies of the stupid thing.

I just “reviewed” the course from informing them that  “hey, basically, this is NOT a beginner course.”   (I’m supposed to be fine if I have used editors.   Well, I have.)   The course about atom is totally on a Mac and the Windows stuff is shoved in on top of it, so … I shouldn’t be surprised that it doesn’t work. IT does say “do this if you have WIndows 10” but… it doesn’t do.

So… the “isn’t it cool? You can do command lines in GitBash” is … sorry, false, GitBash doens’t know Atom exists.

The “hey, right click on the file and it will say “open in Atom.”

Okay, so I went to the Atom site for their “Flight Manual, wherein I am (mis)informed that when I install the program, it will DO ALL THAT–>   It will put it in the path (NOT!)  and add the “open in Atom” to Explorer (NOT!)… so at least I know that … well, it’s not me.   It’s just the program not getting along with WIndows 10.   OH, well…

Now I’m continuing anyway, hoping that this isn’t a complete waste of time, and it looks like it’s *really awesome*.   As in, “Get somebody who knows how to do it to install it — and then it’s got all kinds of cool things to make things easier.”   Now, since it has all kinds of things already in the stuff he’s doing on the video, I don’t know that it will actually work, but… we’ll see… some time later.


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