Posted on September 18, 2016


So, this 3:19  I have finished up  a reasonable slide show to explain with two examples of each kind of subtraction, and figured out what the “usable” slide shows for addition are.

Next would be multiplication, where I’d do rate times time is distance after the more concrete arrays of things.

Then… division which I simply haven’t really broached yet except in a combined-subtraction-and-division slide show.

I’ve got Camtasia so making movies is fairly quick and painless (except that I can’t get good audio!   Headphones make for sibilance and without I get all the weird little background things like mouse clicks.

I’m thinking that one way to make things “open” is to set things up so that students can create and/or illustrate examples… I’ll make up my zillion that tell the story of the Mary Ellen Carter Academy (finding a way to work in the TDL issues, too…)

HOwever, I think it’s time to get the actual “lesson plan” done and then …  see about what Canvas LMS can do for interactivity and practice and personalization.

… and making backups and removing hte outdated things…

OH, and Thing I DOn’t KNow:   why can I never see my “points” profile at home on Canvas, but I can at school?   My points aren’t like a big motivator but I just wonder whether Windows 8 conflicts with it…

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