Saturdays :)

Posted on September 17, 2016


Oh, the amazingness of a no-obligation Saturday 🙂    … tho’ it does mean I end up hearing news about the election and condition of the world…

So time to muck about with things like Canvas!   The design course is winding up its first ‘intro’ week.   Seems it has been wisely planned so that the first weeks are not demanding… which means people can be figuring things out, and signing up ’cause they find us.

We had a webinar that reminded me a little of the EdX MOOCs I dabbled in about game design, where the grad student would make a 5 minute movie talking about the highlights of each week.    The courses were traditional teacher-driven “here’s your content,” though there were some pretty neat conversations in the assorted chat rooms.

My mad wish is that some real collaboration can happen… so I’d better get laborating so that I can col-laborate!

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