Connect is a drag and a half.

Posted on September 13, 2016


I’m sorry, I weary of being a beta tester for a program full of mistakes — and it’s been around for years, now.

“Connect” asks the students what they odds of drawing a six are from a hand with these cards:

K, 4, 5, Q, 3

Gee, it’s zero.

Well, except the answer informs us that there is a six in there.   There isn’t.

Then we’re supposed to convert 2 T into teaspoons.

Guess what?   They don’t mean tons.   They mean tablespoons.   They *do* ask some fundamentally ridiculous big-to-small conversions so … that’s not out of line, and since ounces is somewhere in the mix and that could be volume or weight, there’s ample room for confusion.

Good Grief.

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