The MOOC has begun!!

Posted on September 12, 2016


… and there are already so many “intros” in!

Here’s an idea:   Think Hogwarts here and let us choose a “house” to be in.  It can be arbitrary or meaningful, but if there were fewer of us we’d be more likely to make friends.   We could have a “sorting hat” process.

Nothing would bar anybody from dropping in on other houses, but there’d be an arbitrary reduction of mass numbers.

I’ve trimmed my intro … resisting posting “I’m not the only one who wants to change math!  See  ” — the second part of it nails on my ‘big issues’ — building in practice for automaticity and transfer of the concepts, which is excruciatingly lacking in most stuff out there, and the paucity of any clues for being inclusive of learners with diverse abilities… and the reality that Ain’t No Funding for Figuring That Out so. … it’s time to find outside partners… who aren’t looking for a quick fix.

Now to go post that intro…





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