Support and time on task

Posted on September 8, 2016


Seems somebody clicked on my “fault tolerance begins” blog post… so I had to click and read it.   Oh, my, 2013… just one more summer of making pieces that I haven’t been able to make a good puzzle with.

My note that support and time on task are more important than pedagogical quality is still ringing true, though, with the experiences with Reading Plus.   The question remains:   how can something online provide “support?”   I think it can be done.

Found a set of accessibility posters, at   which are good to stick on my wall (but need to say “make fit to page” because they’re poster size!).   They also remind me that … I need tofigure out GitHub.

Mainly I need more time. Heard a few other little things confirming my suspicion that yes, technology trumps pedagogy these days.


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