Sometimes technology is the enemy.

Posted on September 2, 2016


First timer in the drop-in tutoring lab yesterday, Thursday of second week of school.   He could do most of the work mentally.   Yes, he knew fractions, algebra… had a little trip over some negative number rules.

So he’s just cruising in the class, right?   Well, no, because there are all these cute little whims in exactly how you have to enter an answer.   They’re told to ‘write an addition problem to express ‘   a guy who has X in his checking account and writes a check for Y.   Does he write a subtraction problem?  No, he writes the negative entry first and adds what’s there.   Mathematically correct but … INCORRECT> TRY AGAIN.

Essentially, the guy was penalized repeatedly for knowing too much when he was trying to figure out exactly how to please the program. It quite literally took him 3 hours to not finish something that should have taken him less than 20 minutes.

Technology’s great when it works.


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