Glub Glub

Posted on August 30, 2016


Need to come up for air… pretty much full duty, all day, including new folks and oh, all kinds of assorted things.  I am fully, 100% appreciating the literal meaning of “telling tales out of school, ” and  I shall not.

Just say that … I brought my laptop home.   No way am I going to find down time to make Camtasia videos at work.   If it’s this busy now — these are the poeple who *know* they want some help.  I haven’t even gotten to the people who avoid it who will show up … well, the first one showed up today and I’m happy to say that one *will* be back. When you go from 40 pieces of your pie to 28 you tend to feel like you’ve done something.   I was glad this was a 6:00 evening for that person.

HOWEVER, what shrieks even more loudly is the message that … the stuff I want to make should be made.    The “bejeweled blitz meets times tables…”

So I walked out in Overwhelm, and, thanks be to my angels and saints, by the time I got to the bicycle I was feeling gratitude that I’m enrolled in the MOOC which will impose deadlines on me and have people sharing the making things goals. I was already seeing the *potential* of, oh, connections to be made in the community.

So it’s blog and toddle off to bed.   Yea, I read another article about productivity and how really, trying to be intensely creative and productive all day is stupid:   that we are most focused and have most will power in the a.m.   and oh, by the way, exercise helps the mind do cool things and gel ideas.   This inspires me to go to bed early 🙂

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