Posted on August 28, 2016


(noting that I need to keep doing that :))

So I read in a blog about a teacher doing some “call and response” with his students.

This got me to thinking about the relationship between “Direct INstruction” and “Call and response.”    My students learned a *lot* with SRA’s Corrective Reading, which had lots of call and response and signals; I told ’em it was like being in a chorus or an orchestra, and we were going to practice ’til we got it right.  I was surprised at how much they liked it.  Now, most of the day was *not* that structured.

When I see videos on ‘brain based teaching’ that are full of “I say this, you say that! This! That~ This! That!”   I want to vomit.   I can tell you that I would not have participated in the “teacher ed” video having the future teachers do it.   (If you know me, I did stuff like that. I still do.)   However, how is that different from Direct INstruction?   Primarily, it’s making too much of normal communication prescribed phrases and it smells entirely too strongly of military brainwashing. Is it a continuum, or are they very different recipes with some common ingredients?

I HAVE CURTAINS UP ON MY WINDOWS 🙂 🙂 🙂    I actually *called in a favor* and got 90 minutes help and… my new windows in the three bedrooms no longer have half blankets and towels held in place by the window-closing latches which precludes opening the window.   So, tonight, when it cools down enough for the AC to go off because I actually ran it today because, after all, somebody was coming over to help me put curtains on… I can open both windows and get a cross breeze 🙂 🙂 🙂   As I told Marleen… I have been saying every weekend since I got the windows, “Okay, this isn’t hard!   I should do this!”   Erm, the windows were in last winter.   That’s a lot of weekends.   And since Marleen lived in one of htese bedrooms for a spell, I didn’t have to feel like I had to have the house presentable.

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