One of those effect things

Posted on August 23, 2016


No, not affect, effect.

The thing where when people wrote about certain stuff before they took an assessment — like their goals, I think, but I’m not sure — they tended to to better on the assessment/

Two people this past week got signed on to Reading Plus.   They did the Reading Plus assessment, which includes a survey of their attitudes towards reading from several perspectives.

Both of them, because this is ridiculously last minute (well, not really for the one kiddo but I think he thought it was), re-took our assessment basically 3 days after the first attempt.

Both of them did seriously-significantly better.

The first guy did one lesson.  The second guy did none.   However, that assessment is a good 45 minutes really engaged in thinking and reading, and thinking about reading and language. (I also suspect that it really **is** adaptive, so that — stap my garters!!!!! — most of the work is cognitively accessible to the student, as opposed the the usual ” go ’til they’ve gotten enough wrong to feel like idiots.”

Hmm.   also had a little to add to the “documentation  of questionable management..”  Our cleaning crews have shifted to day only and… no, they never got around to telling ’em when rooms were used and when they were empty so they could make sure they got in and cleaned them.  They have to sort that out now.



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