Posted on August 23, 2016


It’s Tuesday, which sort of should be less busy than Monday because lots of classes are MWF … except no, the four and five hour math classes are MTWF or MTWThF — and so if you *don’t* have English but you’re here anyway for Math, you … head down to D127.

Happily I knew to send Student M over to the tech folks because of they told me about the Weird Password Glitch that they had to fix from there.

Got a numberline up at 3:30. (I fully intended to print it out before things got busy.  Snork!)  So I ride at lunch and think:   I’ve put “appointment” on my calendar for 11:00 tomorrow because I will ahve to dedicate time for the other stuff of math.  I *hate* leaving the students — kinda like leaving the beach with swimmers still paddling, and you’re the lifeguard.   However, today is pretty strong evidence that if I don’t do that, things won’t get done, and … 11-12 there is faculty out there.  Breathing and prayers will commence in order to get me aimed the right direction… because i can tell you that at 5:30 with half an hour to go … no, I’m not particularly able to just shift gears.

Students *are* getting the week’s work done.   Oh, and I got to see a math teacher I only know from twitter and… he looks like he sounds 🙂  He’s doing the 072 tutorial … I don’t know how I presented because he was introduced when things were still kinda busy and I can’t do “what kind of impression am I making?” when I”m doing student “what are you thinking?”   — even though it’ss probably pretty much the same kind of diagnostic.

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