Posted on August 14, 2016


Tried to make new blog for links for Transitions Math class. Oh, well. It doesn’t seem to want to update things and it was messy trying to figure out how to get rid of the “sample stuff” on the blog.   I had to close it out, wearying of “there’s a more recent post — do you want to restore?”  without informing me which it would restore.

Missing “ride to rio” with our paralympians 😦   Hope they get a good turnout.   Yea, I’m “behind.”   And Louisiana got 26 inches of rain in THREE DAYS.   Where is the flogging ark!!!!   It’s heading up here but we’re at the northern edge. They’re “concerned” on the videos on the weather channel but the actual forecasts don’t reflect the rains arriving in the same way that their maps do.   I hope it’s somewhere in between; we could use a soaking (and I’ll take it away from Louisiana!)  but we don’t need to drown…

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