SOAR day

Posted on August 12, 2016


Today’s actual question:   A big honking deal is made in hte dyslexic community about the stats that say if you’re behind in reading in early grades… no, actually, people, most people DO NOT “catch up.”   (Hidden question:   could you boil out the ones most likely to be told that — the smart kiddos?)

No, that’s not today’s question.   I’m wondering what those stats look like for math. I speculate that because of the way we decide by middle school that “well, they’re not on the fast math track,” that we don’t pay as much attention to those trends, because it’s so perfectly okay to be innumerate.

It also turns out that the number of students who landed in the lowest placement for math basically … more than doubled this year over last.  ?????

I k now this ’cause I talked to the dean who does that stuff this morning because…

Today I did the “presentation” part of our new student orientation… a supposed to be 45 minute Prezi.   I watched the dean do it in the morning, one who “always goes long.”

I didn’t go long… made myself STFD  (slow down) a few times, and affected an accent here and there, and got a laugh when I drily  noted that a “W” on your transcript was not an indication that the Cubs had won.   I did do a Slow Down And Change Voice talking about my domain… to implore them that when, if they were normal students, they got to a place where they were overwhelmed and afraid theywere in the wrong place and over their heads… not to disappear.  To come talk to us.

I know that I was “aiming” my talk at the … oh, what label shall I use today?  marginals?   Strugglers?   and while it is definitely not my favoritest thing To Do… I’m glad I did it and look forward to doing it again next Wednesday even though that will REALLY be the last minute people.


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