Perfect Squares

Posted on August 12, 2016


So I’m snagging from mathequalslove  …   the posters for perfect squares and perfect cubes.   Since she is gracious enough to post as pdf and pub files, and I’ve got pub, I can add my equation parts so they see the equation as well as the visual.

I also did a nice vertical number line… pictures sooner or later (it’s 4:40, people…) … missing a meeting to do it because it was rescheduled a few too many times.   Alas, looks like Dilbert’s moving in because these used to be informative, productive meetings. ‘Nuf said, except I didn’t regret missing the meeting.   Perfectly Squared.

I also added the First Power and… I shall add the Zero Powers, loves, so they can ask 😉

Monday will be, ugh, the “all college” thing.   I was amazed when Zelema Harris would … *talk* to us and say important stuff that she didn’t always like saying but that we needed to hear.   Suffice it to say, we won’t have that.   Channeling George Orwell and yes, bringing something to do.

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