after the ride :)

Posted on August 10, 2016


So, of course, in my graphic-novel-math-book the students in question get cash infusions because the thing they can do is teach reading, with the Barton method, and they’re grooming some wickedly skilled humans who actually know how to think and not get conned.   They do have to figure out how to avoid getting killed off by … any of a number of possibilities…

… but I digress.  I need to at least bounce — in real life — the fact that I can’t clone myself, but I *could* tutor in reading… and I could help somebody else learn that stuff (say, a high school student) through the Susan Barton videos I have (and I”d get the rest of ’em, and gladly fund anybody who got through them and the necessary pre-requisite experience whatever it takes to get ‘officially certified.’   I should find out what the local demand is … she *does* have an app which looks really cool.

But no, I am still digressing.   Here is the movie… I”ll make it a separate post so I can link…

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