OER : part of the ‘underground railroad’ of information?

Posted on August 9, 2016


Okay, going to type quickly and get out of here.   My distraction for this afternoon was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8ael-E9fYI   this keynote address which was all about getting a department in digital sociology started at Virginia Commonwealth University. (Gee, Richmond seems to be coming up in my online world a LOT these days.)

Hmmm…. maybe that will be part of my word problem story… maybe there will already be such an underground railroad and the students of the (I forget which name it’s got) Academy discover it … naw, it would have to discover them if it were really underground.   That’s the tricky part:   how to have “code phrases” with … you can google that!

I posted the whole movie (which has 193 view right now) to Yammer. Well, I’m already … okay, our first code phrases need to be definitions for just how much positive or negative ‘rep’ a person has (e.g., if Kay presents an idea, it won’t fly, so even though it’s great, we have to find somebody else to present it).   And the code phrases might even work if they were dressed up like praise for an institution.   OH, and people don’t even think about what words mean anymore… unless they’ve been through *our* classes and got skillz. So

… time to go for that bike ride home 🙂   But yes, OER …

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