High noon…

Posted on August 5, 2016


(no, I’m not imbibing any mood altering substances, tho’ I did generate a mess of endorphins w/ 30 miles at 15 mph average this am 🙂 🙂   — last Friday’s was a “well, I’m riding… don’t look at the Garmin” ride… this is the last Friday off but … I”m ready to go in at 8:00 instead of 7:30.)

I’m *not* ready for it to be REal STudent Load, especially since I think it’ll be heavier this year, though … hard to say.   Enrollment is off (for lots of reasons, including that the school just isn’t well managed, so you’re much more likely to get the runaround and waste hours, get dropped from classes because of a computer issue, etc) and morale is pretty crappy because … things aren’t being well managed and people are being driven off. No, it’s not just the budget, but we’ll leave it at that.   I still get to help students and that’s satisfying, but it’s harder when it’s done to undo what the institution does, not to support it.

Yes, my app’s “launch report” is still “in progress.”  Hey, it’s been almost a week… *if* I get time I’ll make some tweaks and upgrade it and try again, just to see if that makes a difference.  No, I haven’t gotten a reply to the email form I sent. I wonder if like lynda.com I’ll get five different replies, eventually, all of ’em blissfully unaware of the others or anything that’s actually happening.

Unfollowed EducauseELI after a tweet inviting me to read an article about open pedagogy… that, not being a paid member, I couldn’t access!   (THeir posts were pretty consistently boring ivory tower stuff.)

Just checked… yes, I can get to lynda.com still 🙂 🙂   (Made a student really happy b/c she wants to learn Java & JavaScript — and as Parkland student she has lynda.com access! )

But first, the odd errand… then to explore interacting with Canvas to include visual and concrete stuff.

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